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Lit From Within Workshop



Lit From Within: Use Your Menstrual Cycle To Get Everything You Want WORKSHOP $225

This online, go at your own pace, recorded workshop will be chock full of all the details and information from 'Lit From Within' book, and then a lot more. You'll be receiving additional pdfs, handouts and tools to help you embody and live like you're lit from within.

If you're struggling with any menstrual confusion, frustration, pains and exhaustion - this workshop is for you!

In this workshop - you'll discover and learn hand how to really live and embody:

The Secret To Really Working WITH Your Cycle That Everyone Is Missing

The Moon Cycle’s Magnetic Dance With Your Fertility, Mood & Manifesting

The Best Tools To Nourish Your Body For A Pain Free Menstrual Cycle

The One Thing That Will Improve Your Cycle And LIFE - For Lasting Positive Change

And much much more…

This Workshop Is For You...If you are a menstruating female who wants to enjoy their best life. If you are someone who is interested in simple lifestyle shifts to experience a happier, healthier, more pleasure filled menstrual cycle and life. If you can discuss orgasms and all things female, you are in the right place! If you’re interested in really receiving what you want to experience in this life - with less effort - this book is for you. Welcome.

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